Interested in starting your own radio station?

Many cannot afford to do so from a local property, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible; the world is evolving and Internet radio stations are the next step. Even cars are getting smarter and one could expect satellite radio to take over, allowing for Web-based stations to play anywhere, anytime.

That said, setting up an Internet radio station is different from doing so locally and there are some things you should know before you get started.

Hosting word and Servers

Hosting word and Servers

1) Be selective when choosing a hosting service

Your radio station is only as good as the service that hosts it. File hosting services, such as Blubrry and Libsyn, are a great way to put your channel on blast. These let you post up audio files and allow your audience to listen through many different platforms, including your website, iTunes, and much more. Plus, this lets you keep all analytic data in a single spot.

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2) Put your online radio station on blast

There are many ways you can promote an online radio station, but some apply for almost every channel. For instance, Stitcher is a popular app that is essentially the library or the “Google” of online radio stations. It contains well over 40,000 different channels, and forgetting to plug yours there would be a huge marketing mistake. Not only is Sticher a popular service, but for listeners, it’s a very useful app that has only continued to grow in popularity. If you can top the charts there and it becomes a mainstream application, your upward potential will be uncapped.

3) Find ways to cut time and costs

There are many ways you can cut corners to save money and time. For instance, ScheduleOnce costs as little as $5 monthly and works to aid in scheduling guests to your show on their preferred time. The app also reminds both parties prior to the show. For recording the guest, programs like Audacity and Camtasia will work much better to provide clear audio than common resources like Google Hangouts and Skype. Further, you can even incorporate tidbits of marketing and throw in intro and closing audio through Camtasia, and then schedule it to play at the appropriate times. Get created and solve the puzzle in the best way that works for you, don’t just pay for the full picture when you could build it yourself.


4) Guest star on many different stations

There are many reasons why you should want to be a guest on other radio stations. First, it allows you to promote your own channel if you are on another show that’s relevant to yours. Second, you can get used to hearing your voice in various contexts, allowing you to be more confident when running your own show. And, last but not least, it allows you to build up your Web presence and this contributes towards ranking stronger in many different avenues, such as Google, the iTunes store, and more.

Your Online Radio Station Awaits You!

There is no catch, anyone could start a radio station on the Internet. It’s just a matter of taking initiative. That said, many who try will fail or will give up before they have a chance to succeed. As you can see from each of these tips, there are many little thoughts that go into making sure the project is a success. You must comb out all the kinks and minimize the risk, which includes your time and money invested, and then begin to scale operations as your venture proves successful.

Do not give up, many have and many will build popular online radio stations that listeners love and broadcasters take pride in. With enough dedication, planning, and research, the next big channel might just be yours!


Categories: Leading Portals


Creating one’s own radio station is every creative mind’s dream. The advent of technology has enabled many budding minds to do so. Also, the demand for online radio stations is on the rise as very few prefer tuning into the conventional radio stations.

Besides, the low cost maintenance, sustenance and production in online radio station catches the fancy of most entrepreneurs. There are several platforms that offer the facility free of cost.

But the responsibility of keeping the radio station running, winning advertisers and keeping it rolling rests entirely on the skills of the owner of the radio station. Running an online radio station, however, through some leading portals can be very competitive and challenging. This happens because of the wide availability of radio channels on the same site.


There are several portals that serve as a platform or medium for meeting the technical requirements of an online radio station. You can take a look at these:


-PC world…/

It guides you through the legal processes involved, the paperwork, licenses and how to create website for radio station. The portal provides free advice from seasoned experts on radio station. It also provides video demonstrations for the purpose of guidance. All you need to do it post your email details and send a proposal.



This site comes with the promise of frequency variations. It serves as a 24-hour back up of frequency to the radio station owner. It provides the facility to learn, earn, broadcast and even listen to the radio stations directly. You only need to sign in and provide details of your product. Once the product is found impressive, the officials respond and register your proposal for the station.



This portal offers the option of selecting from music library the best of music. Here the challenge of uploading music does not trouble the owner of the radio station. So, everything is available on the portal itself. All you need to do is register and send an impressive proposal.



This portal not only guides but also sells the concept of a radio channel. It places the most browser radio stations on top of search list. Also, it provides keyword search for listeners searching for specific genres, show names or channels. It also provides partnering options to two or more radio stations. It brings together different language stations under one platform.


The portals that keep the registration processes simple and sober should be chosen. They remain more uncomplicated in the long run and remain promising. Also, a free registration should not be undervalue or underestimated. These portals have their own criteria and ways for making money, while promoting the concept of online radio stations.

An even frequency and uninterrupted listening service is what every listener prefers. A radio station that involves minimum internet speed and offers high quality listening is everyone’s choice. So, the flawlessness of the frequency a portal offers is the most considerable factor while selecting the portal.


Categories: Finding Sponsors


A business venture is not fun for longer if you do not see options to earn out it. As money is the next big thing once you have established a radio station of your dreams, it is important to catch the attention of the sponsors and advertisers.

In fact, sponsorship or advertising is considered the bread and butter for any radio station. Even though not many listeners prefer listing to ads on radio, often ads on radio stations create deeper impact and penetrate well.

Well! Making the most of the power of capturing the hearing attention of the listener, a radio station owner has high prospects of earning a handsome amount from advertisers if pitched smartly.

Financial Support. Russian roubles (In hand is about 250000 roubles = 10000 dollars)


There some simple ways in which a radio station owner can attract highly-paid ads and keep it rolling consistently.

-Select product that people want to listen to time and again:

First of all, the content of the radio station has to be selected well. Until or unless the shows on the channel find ample demand among the listeners, there will be nothing left for the producer to bank upon while asking for ads. Also, presenting forth the most sought-after or popular shows to the advertisers will make the deal convenient.

Go for personal contacts

There is nothing wrong in utilising your personal contacts for reaching out to advertisers. Sometimes, an important and significant link emerges with constant communication. An advertiser’s ultimate success is good airing of the ad and the long-term impact of the ad on the listener. Though impact is hardly a responsibility on the radio station, airing it amid its most popular shows is enough for the advertiser.


Promote on social networking sites

For any online radio station, reaching out to advertisers is very convenient through video sharing websites like YouTube. It is a zero investment effort. In fact, the popularity of an online radio station can be measured simultaneously on these websites by the sponsor or advertiser. Sometimes the online likes and hits do wonders in winning the sponsors’ confidence.

Never talk money, talk about radio station’s specialty

Even though the purpose of speaking to an advertiser or a sponsor is obvious, as a producer or owner of a radio station, you must never talk about it straight. Until the advertiser offers you a deal, you must keep talking about the specialty of the radio and try to sell it like the most premium product in the market. This will add value to your approach and make you seem professional and convicted to your job.

Sell the genre of the radio station

The genre or theme of a radio station is a big asset. Sometimes, even if a specific show does not seem to have ample popularity but the concept impresses the advertiser. Genres that seem promising and sustainable serve as a catalyst in convincing the sponsor or advertiser for you.


Since an online radio station makes the persons on the other side relate everything to internet, it is very important for the owner of the radio station that, in addition to technology, all communication takes place online. Use of internet should reflect in everything the team of online radio station does