Credit Card Online Application Methods (Online)

Credit Card Online Application Methods (Online)

Launching the Good Finance Bonus Classic product for consumers who want to make an online credit card application, Good Finance makes it possible to have a credit card in a short time after the credit card application.

Good Finance, which has achieved great success in its retail customer base and retail banking products in a short time, is rapidly increasing the number of branches and working more and more every day to provide better quality service to consumers. One of the most important steps taken in this context is the development and improvement works carried out in digital service channels.

Good Finance Credit Cards

Good Finance Credit Cards

The credit cards that Good Finance offers to consumers are Good Finance Bonus Classic, Good Finance Bonus Gold, Good Finance Bonus Platinum, and Free Credit Card.

If consumers are confused about which credit card will be better for their needs, they can get information by calling the call center. Additionally, it is possible to visit the web address of Good in order to browse the specific features of each card.

Good Finance Online Credit Card Application Methods

All credit card applications transmitted to Good Finance are accepted as preliminary applications. In this respect, even if a credit card application is made over the internet, the nearest branch will have to be visited in order to obtain the card. Consumers whose preliminary applications are responded positively can save time with this application, however, it should be remembered that documents such as identity cards, income documents and residence will need to be presented upon arrival.

Consumers who want to apply for a credit card to Good Finance online must follow the steps of Home> Credit Cards> Good Finance Bonus Classic after logging in to the web address. Good Finance Bonus Classic, the only credit card product of Good Finance that can be applied online, is.

Bonus Classic Advantages

Bonus Classic Advantages

Good Finance Bonus Classic, with more than 200 members who are leaders in Turkey workplace network is featured bonus card. In this respect, participation in dozens of campaigns organized specifically for the workplace can be achieved and bonus points can be earned from each of the expenditures made. The bonus points earned can be used for subsequent spending or to pay the credit card’s annual fee.

Bonus mobile application can be downloaded to the mobile phone or the website can be followed in order to participate in campaigns specially designed for the bonus credit card. Participation in all campaigns is free.

Who Can Use Credit Card


Good Finance is more selective than the other banks in terms of issuing credit cards and requests document submission anyway. In this respect, it is necessary to have a regular income, to be over 18 years old, to be a Turkish citizen and not to be blacklisted.

It is possible for consumers who are not sufficient for their credit card application to make a credit note, to make a request for a blocked collateral credit card. With this method, consumers who will obtain credit cards should deposit cash as much as their card limits into their deposit accounts and submit a preconditioned credit card application after blocking.

It is possible for consumers whose monthly income is not sufficient for credit card limit to apply for a credit card with a lower limit or to request a blocked collateral credit card.

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