1500 Dollar credit immediately online?

1500 Dollar credit immediately online?

A cheap loan over 1500 dollars, where can I get it online? Some direct banks and online financial service providers also provide such small loans. Online loans are usually a little cheaper than loans from branch banks. However, applicants have to be patient even with such small amounts.

Internet loans are advertised as instant loans. But the processing time takes five to seven working days before the loan can be paid out.

Tip: The application time can be shortened if a bank is selected that offers the modern video identification procedure in addition to the usual PostIdent procedure. Uploading documents, looking at an account instead of sending documents and digital signature also shorten the application process.

Credit check at a financial check

Credit check at a financial check

If you quickly need 1,500 dollars, you should use the financial check loan comparison and make the loan request from there. Many banks that participate in the Good Finance loan calculator use Videoident.

In addition, Good Finance offers its customers a special service. Immediately after sending the loan request, even on the computer, the applicant learns what the likelihood of lending is.

Maturities and interest

Borrowing over 1,500 dollars will often serve to bridge a short or medium-term financial bottleneck.

The funds for an unexpected car repair, a suddenly necessary replacement or the money for a longer vacation trip are not available in time.


  • Decide on the shortest possible term. We preset the loan calculator to 12 months. More than 36 months should not be considered.
  • Pay attention to the possibility of free special repayments and fee-free early loan repayment, so that the term can be shortened afterward.

The shorter the term, the less costs are incurred for the loan

The shorter the term, the less costs are incurred for the loan

The following table shows how much interest is accrued on a loan of over USD 1,500 depending on the term. A favorable effective average interest rate of 4 percent is assumed. Is there a 1500 dollar loan for the unemployed or for recipients of social benefits? Unfortunately, these groups of people cannot hope for a loan.

However, some credit banks allow a guarantor or co-signer to be made available, thereby enabling a loan application. Trainees and students are generally not lucky with direct banks, except for the Bank of Scotland. A prerequisite for lending is a sufficient, regular income, which must be documented.

Online loan banks do not regularly consider granting a loan during the trial period. A fixed-term employment relationship must not end during the credit period.

Direct banks like customers who are in permanent employment or are civil servants. Pensioners are no longer fundamentally excluded if they receive enough old-age benefits. The self-employed, however, have a hard time with internet banks.

Most direct banks do not lend to the self-employed at all. Those who do so often require years of successful work and expect a bunch of documents to prove income.

1500 dollars express credit

1500 dollars express credit

For some time now, there have been a few financial service providers in Germany that deal with the issue of so-called payday loans. This form of credit, which is very popular in the USA, is used to issue mini-amounts at maximum interest rates with terms of usually 15 to 90 days. However, the loan amounts are often less than 1,500 dollars, at least when the first application is made.

The mini-credit from Good Credit is interesting. It’s called a direct loan.

Between USD 100 and USD 3,000 are granted, which can be repaid in two to six monthly installments. The effective interest rate for an express loan is relatively moderate – 8.95 percent (as of May 2017).

If the express function, which is generally subject to charges, is selected, the money can be paid out on the same day, provided that the contract is signed by 1:00 p.m. by video ID. So Good Credit offers an instant loan that actually deserves the name – if not on the most favorable terms.

It is not certain whether Good Credit is still offering this small loan (September 2018). We found nothing more on the bank’s website.

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